Action Required: Job Title Poll

This month's www.augi.com homepage poll is asking for your official job title.
Not the many roles you take on, but, what HR actually titles you, since that is what pay is usually based upon.
Over the past 12 or so years, I have been looking at every industry survey or article mentioning job names and industries I could find. I've also requested data from conference organizers... they are helpful, but, always apologize because so few attendees fill out the entire registration form. 

So, I thought, what better way to establish job titles, than by asking the users directly.

Now is your chance to influence the AUGI Annual Survey! 
Pop over to AUGI.com and take two seconds to share your title. Even better? Ask your colleagues to take part, too.
The poll will be there for another two weeks, but, please go ahead and just do it now while you're thinking about it.

I'll also be summarizing the findings in next month's issue of HotNews.

Thus far, here are the top 10 for the replies:

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