AutoCAD 2011 Launch - Part 3 (presentation notes cont'd)

Eddie Perlberg - design viz technical specialist

- viz helps win bids, improves communication, a smoother approval process, interoperability with adesk tools, advantages with BIM and digital prototyping
design - enhanced modeling
visualize-enhanced rendering, viewport feedback
share - leveraging design data, unified materials
--- working on interoperability - makes rendering a changing building design so much easier, prevents having to reassign every material on re-importing a changed model
-actually, it's more like a link than an import (from revit in example, will this work with AutoCAD too?)
materials are responding more 'real world'
rendering is the workhorse of 3ds max Design -
rendering with Mental Ray 1:18 to render on the CPU
rendering with quicksilver moves it to GPU and it only takes 0:18

Amar Hanspal - we've only covered 4 of 100 Autodesk products

Andrew Mackles -- AutoCAD product family

understand key enhancements, challenge assumptions, receive questions
3d conceptual design, and productivity tools to accelerate projects from concept through completion
customize your autocad software or select an industry-specific version tailored to your business
data compatibility to help you share work and connect with other design professionals


Point Clouds can effectively workwith2billion points but they did test up to 40gb of point data (although they didn’t count the number of individual points during those tests)
key new components-
--- inferred constraints
-- pediting improvements
-- hatch editing improvements
-- create ore select similar objects
-- hide or isolate objects

windows 7 optimization - take advantage of UI, etc
AutoCAD LT - hatch editing and pline editing improvements
object and layer transparency as well as finally support for gradient hatches

Heidi Hewett

showing us some enhancements to everyday productivity
selectsimilar, hideobjects
selection cycling - lists overlapping object
hatch transparency on ribbon tab, but, transparency is also in the properties palette and can also do transparency by layer, transparency toggle on the status bar
- how does this plot? page setup dialog box - plot transparency checkbox, but, this will rasterize the output
- if we plot DWF with transparency on, we couldn't use object snap because it would be raster file - ouch
in auto constrain settings, there's an "=" constraint
inferred constraints
- rectangles are actually closed polylines, so it doesn't scale uniformly, so turn on inferred constraints

how many acad customers actually use constraints?  (more popular newer users, slower adoption among older users. Mfg users are using it more than AEC)

Guillermo Melantoni
surface associativity (nurbs surfaces)
starting with splines
Spline CV's (create them with control vertices) (spline knot is the old fit version), now spline freehand (suggesting use with tablet works well)
- multifunctional grips with splines - click and pick to create surfaces - AutoCAD understand the surface edge - continuity (guides, path, cross sections only, settings, continuity, bulge magnitude)
- can project into the surface, easily loft between... conceptual design of shapes really quickly
he showed of some dimensional constraint parameters in a very complex 3d block (pic) - this model is 190k (would be bigger as a solid model),
talking about introducing materials and renderings into an industry that doesn't 'know the language'
-we as designers need to understand and manipulate some things, but, not others
-natively supported, without driver install needed for 3dmouse
- point cloud
-- index point cloud - las file to index- fls, fws, xyb (why not leico? the other company worked with them?)
pcg file is created - showed stadium with 35 million points    (Mandalay bay was 1.5biln points)
insert cloud and snap to elements to create geometry (expecting API to close gap for 3d party vendors to step in and manipulate)
-can we export these files with clouds in, so that they can be used by other products? - they weren't quite sure, they're going to check with others (suggestion that the subscription advantage pack for c3d might help, debate on quality of file from contractor doing the scanning)
-- merging of features across products is becoming more and more obvious (Jeff Agla?)

Tatjana Dzambazova - Sr. product manager , creative 3d

digital concepts and emerging products
alias sketch and alias sketch for AutoCAD
-software is getting in the way of ability to explore ideas
- need to rely on too many packages to communicate and collaborate
- need basic image manipulations compositing and editing in AutoCAD
$500 for alias sketch, subs $70
mixed media workflows, color manipulation is powerful, dynamic transformation tools (vectors as well as images and fills) in a hybrid environment, embedded sketching, painting and image compositing
- instead of all of the customers taking things to Photoshop just to do cropping, add transparency and composite, the rest is overkill
vector layers, raster layers and canvas
sketching is vector, color fills are raster
shape recognition - you don’t have to sketch perfect circle, it sees
(Impression is 'in a holding pattern', for presentation only, not conceptual design
impression is still alive)

Kate Morrical - AutoCAD LT

top three beta site requests - best selling product
hide/isolate objects
gradient hatches
hatch background colors (effect of layering hatches) - can set hatch layer and forget about it
spline enhancements
pline editing
join functionality
highlight xrefs
default scale list
ignore missing shx files
text in linetypes are always readable
quick dimension
layer previous
(no parametrics or 3dmodeling, customization (lsp,vba,.net) enterprise level features ?like network licenses?, express tools)
CANNOT*create* parametrics, but, CAN use them
web-based Help File (communities blogs etc) can use it without being online, no worries
only win 7 release not supported is home (home premium is supported)
recent files feature in win7

Jeff Agla - Sr. Business Manager - covering ACA2011

promote connectivity throughout features
workflow, usability, fit and finish
showing intelligent wall cleanup
constraints work on walls and use formulas (constraints on walls will also affect spaces without problem)
Renovation tools  (Manage > Renovation... magically adds 'new' 'existing' and 'demo')
can handle point clouds, but, no additional features
(revit can read an autocad drawing with a point cloud in its underlay, but, doesn't support them itself)

Adam Perry - Senior Business Manager - AutoCAD Mechanical

- they get all the AutoCAD features
fix , fit and finish (f3)
getting rid of the dialogs and give the canvas back to users - e.g. moved dim dialog into the ribbon and dims are updating live
- migration - 20,000 new mechanical users this year, they have legacy dwg data (smarter BOM tool introduced in 2010) - now balloons are imported and are associative
helps you clean up legacy drawings, easy excel list to help resolve conflicts (part numbers duplicated, etc)

2010 gave us Part Publishing
standard content now smarter, you can drag on insert, custom content is easier now, can import standard sizes for parts from excel spreadsheets you already have
common saveas dialog
construction line *always* move to background
powerful international standards

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