AutoCAD 2011 Launch - Part 2 (presentation notes)

Guri Stark
Introduces the AutoCAD family of products
(Displayed Google trends which clearly show AutoCAD’s popularity)
Autodesk has the broadest set of applications (ALL engineering disciplines, plus media)

This is AutoCAD’s 25th release
Recent releases have had these specific feature focuses:
2007-basic 3d
2010- 3d design "DESIGN", parametric drawing
2011-power & productivity (surface modeling, points clouds -up to 2bln points-, realistic materials, surface modeling, doc productivity, drafting productivity, parametric drawing tools, inferred constraints, hatch enhancements, object and layer transparency

76, 000 man-hours in testing, 6,000 code reviews, 2,000 commands tested, 4,600 beta testers
1.4 million lines of code removed!!!

document, hatch enhancements, pediting improvements, transparency

Add on - Alias Sketch (freehand markup directly on top of AutoCAD geometry
artsy photo type stuff from within autocad)

Freestyle on Labs
Who might use AutoCAD Freestyle?
Project managers, sales and marketing, fieldworkers, space planners, journeyman, small firms, DIY enthusiasts

Butterfly on Labs
AutoCAD on the Cloud butterfly.autodesk.com
online meetings for collaboration

Carl bass (during webcast)

airmax initiative - consistent user interface across all products since many users handle multiple products, plus trying to make the interface more appealing visually
photorealistic models (used an example of semiconductor, used inventor preview instead of 120 hours of animation in only an hour)
data interoperability - customers move things from one product to another

Amar Hanspal - Sr. VP, platform solutions and emerging business

introducing the 2011 product line
AutoCAD’s flexibility and pervasive... um-ness

Heidi Hewett - technical marketing manager

associative surfaces, point clouds
unified materials
using parametrics for the surfaces
there's a full API for the point cloud functionality for 3d party developers
autodesk materials library - acad, revit, inventor 3ds max - the materials will port across platform (assign in AutoCAD, they'll show up when imported into the other products

pedits are much more intuitive, rather than a nested menu
same with hatching
transparency - hatches, and any other entity

project butterfly quick tour and a brief mention of freestyle

Rob Cohee, mfg technical evangelist on digital prototyping

alias design is in inventor
dynamic input while sketching
direct manipulation with part modeling - no context menu or menu item selections needed (hey, didn't we just see some of these in AutoCAD)
form creation
simulation guide
dramatically enhanced previews
new assembly command (select entity and it predicts relationships between components?)
can inventor handle complex forms? - alias design for inventor, can modify in a mirror,
manufacturing marketplace is quite competitive, rob says it's the best in class with inventor 2011
inventor publisher - takes 3d models and creates technical publication documents (flash, pdf, websites, etc)
same with material library as AutoCAD
now the renderings are the inventor program, no need for a 'studio' program or rendering operation
(Anwar says we're democratizing the ability to show these impressive models)
digital prototyping is beyond 3d modeling - frame analysis tool, apply load, determine gravity, analyze, get feedback right away - make more informed decisions during engineering design

Arnab Ganguly - Sr. technical marketing manager AEC

revit - interactive sunpath tool , large team workflow enhancements, surface rationalization tools (conceptual modeling) ,adaptive components
sun manipulation to see effects more easily (pic)
- discussing 'campus' design -
if architect is working on shell, interior design working on fitout - visibility filters across buildings (can control visibility across linked projects) - using a single file to manage multiple projects as a workset
door tagging is an example of something modified across linked files as well as host file
productivity - adaptive components (using curtain wall system as example - more fluid granular control

AutoCAD civil 3d 2011 - scalability and performance (more memory)
model-based design (corridor improvements, point clouds and station locking)
production - (automated cross section sheet creation)
summarize the BIM portfolio - focus is on the "I" - information

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