FMDesktop: Will it live?

There have been a lot of questions, conjecture and rumors suddenly flying around about the ultimate fate of the FMDesktop suite (Autodesk's somewhat recently acquired CAFM/CMMS solution).

Of course, there has been no 'official' word or press release confirming the demise of the product or the declaration of what might replace it 'if' it goes the way of the dodo.
But, believe me, if I come across anything definite and confirm-able, I will post about it here.

However, if you'd like to see where I first heard the rumor and read some of the user, reseller, developer commentary, you could always check out this thread, "What's going on? No more FM Desktop?"

Alright, finally formal word on the FMDesktop Suite appears on Autodesk's website confirming they will no longer be selling FMD (although existing subscriptions will be valid until 01/31/2010).
I do encourage folks to follow my link above to the 'No more FM Desktop' thread, to see what some folks have said about FMD and other products.
If I hear anything else that I can share, I will post about it here on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I attended an FMD class at AU a couple of years ago and was quite impressed. Upon returning and trying to follow up was told "it was unlikely to be made available in our region".

Remember Architectural Studio?

Got the same line in regards to it, where is it now...

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


Yeah, I bought FMD because it was easy to use and affordable and built on technology I was already familiar with.

I guess if this is true... you're the lucky one because you didn't blow a lot of money in a dead-end product. ;)

And, no, I don't remember Architectural Studio... but, I get your point.

Um, keep me apprised of what you can't get down there. ;) You can be my little kiwi crystal ball.

Anonymous said...

This is the Arch Studio story if you're interested


Don't have FMD but may have another "dead-ender" (not Autodesk) on my hands. I hope not but won't know for some time.

Phil said...

Im new in the facility managemant and im trying to get this program... Autodesk FM Desktop. Did you know eher i can get it please