Mistress of the Dorkness in 1982

Alright, Scott.

I shall rise up to meet your challenge.

I really enjoyed the trip back to 1982 that Scott Sheppard posted here, Alive in the Labs.
Nice hair, by the way, Scott. ;)
I am impressed by the solar panel though, I'll admit.

Shaan Hurley, Vegas's favorite beta geek, already ponied up and joined in the reminiscing.
So, he's answered the question 'What would Shaan look like with hair?'. There ya go.

So, the point of this post...

What was the Mistress of the Dorkness like back in 1982?

Well, I had just moved back to the United States and was living in Utah.

Ever the free spirit, I wasn't sporting the normal straight-or-ponytail hairstyle that most of you are familiar with.

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