Free Camtasia and Snagit

EDIT: This offer is now Expired! It ended on January 7th, 2008.

Recently saw
this post from Shaan Hurley and wanted to share...


These are fairly old versions but great tools for free and the newer releases are even better. TechSmith used Camtasia and recorded a Screencast from New Zealander "kiwi" CAD Blogger Robin Capper who is attending Autodesk University this week as well.

Evidently you download a trial version of the software, then send off to get an auth code to keep it active. SWEET. I'll be downloading them myself soon. I've always wanted to try Camtasia.

Also, anyone care to chime in and tell me what your favorite pc audio recording software is (one that can output to mp3).
I've just installed Audacity. It looks pretty good, and with some tinkering I finally figured out how to record (using my Logitech USB headset, which I bought for Skyping and listening to movies so as not to bother DH), but, I haven't been able to play back successfully. My recorded files have visual spikes, but, I can't hear them.

Any obvious solutions to that, or any recommendations for other (free) software to do this?
Any reviews of better recording mics at a reasonable price would be awesome, too.


Unknown said...

Audacity works pretty well. Beats the hundred(+) dollar alternatives. If you see a spike, but can't hear it, try adjusting the visual scale on the bar. If it's off, a whisper can look like a yell.

R.K. McSwain said...

It was here 5 days earlier... :-)

On another note, it was a pleasure to meet you at AU Melanie.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


Thanks for the tip! I'll give that a try. :-D

R.K. Right you are, and it seems BLAUGI also beat that by 5 days and posted it in November. I'm a slacker and I've been duly pulled up about my lack of BLAUGI reading. ;)

It was good to finally put a face to the name, and meet you, too, as well as your lovely wife.