Poll: Mike Perry's Blog

Alright, friends and readers... some feedback, Por favor.

You may know that my husband is a regular contributor to news items, etc over on BLAUGI (the official blog of the Autodesk User's Group International).

He reads a lot, always keeping up on current events, technology, developments, etc. Many of the items he passes along to me aren't really CAD/Design news, so he doesn't post them on BLAUGI often. BUT, he does talk about starting his own blog to post about a wider variety of things.


Poll question #1... Should Mike Perry start a blog?

Poll question #2... What should he call it?

We all get a little creative from time to time, but, when it comes to naming things, Mike (you can recognize him on any and every forum as Mike.Perry) can be a little less than imaginative.
I, of course, suggested he call his weblog 'Master of the Dorkness', but, he was, shall we say, less than enthused about that idea. But, wouldn't it be cooler than 'Mike Perry's blog'?

Please, cast your vote and make your suggestions in the comment area to give him some more creative ideas.


Anonymous said...

On question #1 --- Does he have anything interesting to say?

On question #2 --- Certainly not Master of Dorkness.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

#1. Yes, most definitely. He's informed on much that is cool, innovative, etc.

#2. ~deflated~ fine.
Any other suggestions for something cooler? ;-p

Unknown said...

Here are some ideas:

Master of the Dorkness (to me it just seems the right thing to do)
His Lord Dorkness
Mike's Likes
Mike's Tog's
Perry's Forte
Mike's Blog on Cogs, togs, and frogs
The Mistress' Servant
Father of Dorkness
The Groom of Dorkness

I think I'm done for now.

Anonymous said...

How about Mike.Perry's blog? That dot "." makes all the difference.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

lol... I got a couple of email votes for 'Master of the Dorkness'. :-) woot to them for thinking it's a great idea. ;) Double-dorky-trouble, that's us.

B.B... WOOT on your creative juices just leaking out everywhere. For some reason, I like Toggle... maybe because one of my favorite games growning up was Boggle.

B.M. NO! don't encourage him in his boringness!!! ;-p

Anonymous said...

1) Why not!

2) It has to be "Master of the Dorkness". I thought of that before I scrolled down & read the comments :-)

blads said...

1) Most definitely...

2) how 'bout Manager of the Dorkness or

Perry's Pedantries

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


lol... I like it...

um, how about 'In Denial of Dorkness'? ;-p

Unknown said...

'In Denial of Dorkness'? is great. Does the winning submittal win a prize?

Anonymous said...

since you guys are married, why not "Master of the Dorkness"? It fits very well. Peggy (Moma)

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

:-) well, that was my initial thought as well...

but, we decided against that.

I'll make another post soon with the final results. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if he started a blog. I was just googling to see if he had one, and came across this post.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


:-) I'll make a post here and add a link over in my sidebar once it's 'officially' launched. He's still futzing around with the details at this point and it's 'under construction'.