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Okay, you regular readers might be wondering why I am posting in languages other than English...

As a moderator on the AUGI forums and a frequent reader of the Autodesk Discussion Groups, I see questions posted in other languages or questions posted in English where someone would prefer to use their own native language.

Once the International forums were created and expanded, I realized that many people didn't know about them, so I asked my resourceful husband to help me find translators for the paragraph that I just posted in four different languages...
Did you know that AUGI has discussion forums for seven (yes 7) other languages/geographic regions in addition to English (do we count American and British English separately?)?


Wow... that 'I' in AUGI really does stand for something, doesn't it?

Check out the AUGI Country Chapter's page over on BLAUGI for a current list of Country Chapter websites.

Now, I'm going to repeat the paragraph I just posted, but, the Italian and Japanese will have to come from Babelfish... and I've pasted in the Nordic forum descriptions from the AUGI forums.

State cercando le risposte alle vostre domande circa AutoCAD, adattamento, Revit o altri prodotti di Autodesk in vostra propria lingua? Il gruppo di utenti di Autodesk internazionale ha una zona nelle loro tribune di discussione per fare e rispondere alle vostre domande in vostra lingua madre. Segua il collegamento per osservare intorno e leggere le domande e le risposte inviate da altri utenti, o uniscasi come membro per nessun pagamento e faccia le vostre proprie domande.

あなた自身の言語のAutoCAD 、カスタム化、Revit またはAutodesk 他のプロダクトについてのあなたの質問に答えを捜しているか。国際Autodesk のユーザ・グループにあなたの自国語のあなたの質問をすることおよび答える為のディスカッション・フォーラムで区域がある。見、他のユーザーが掲示する質 疑応答を読むためにリンクに続きか、または支払のためのメンバーとして結合し、そしてあなた自身の質問をしなさい。

Nordic Nordiskbaseret diskussions / support forums.
"Nordic - Sofahjørnet" er stedet hvor du kan chit-chat med andre AUGI venner, slappe og have det sjovt, og glemme alt om CAD.
Stil dine AutoCAD Architecture (tidligere ADT) spørgsmål her !
Stil dine AutoCAD MEP (tidligere ABS) spørgsmål her !
Stil dine Revit Architecture spørgsmål her !
Stil dine Inventor spørgsmål her !

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Anonymous said...

I should probably pop into the Spanish one from time to time to see if I can help out.

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