Video: Autodesk University 2006

I know it's well past, but, I finally got around to throwing together a little video from AU2006. Skip over the first third if you don't want to see our side trip to the Grand Canyon. ;)

And, no, there is no soundtrack on this bad boy. I don't have much by ways of a music library on this computer yet. Enjoy!



Daniel Hurtubise said...

Hey Mel , where's the link for that video ?

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Daniel, sorry, I should have thought to post the link along with it. :Oops:
I can't access youtube from here at work, I'll try to remember that tonight when I get home.
(I post my videos on YouTube under the name MistressOfTheDorknes)

cafm said...


Nice blog....even though from a field I am totally unfamiliar with :P....

Nice to meet a fellow H2G2 fan ;)

just for the sake of curiosity...what dark paths of the web did you scrounge through to reach my home :P

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Thank you very much. :-)
I found your blog via Google Alerts. I work in Computer Aided Facilities Management (abbr. CAFM), so your posting name here triggers an alert to be sent to my email account when you post. :-) Today's title grabbed my attention, so I had to come check it out, and I had to comment once I'd realized the test had me pegged. lol.

cafm said...

ROFL @ cafm... I can imagine that you must have got quite a shock when you visited by blog :P

cafm said...
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