AU Courses / Design Tool / St. Louis CAD Camp

Looks like Joseph Wurcher has his blog up and is telling us what we've got in store course-wise for this year's AU. I'm particularly interested in the 13 Facilities Management classes and the 23 MEP design classes. Oh, if only I could attend them all. Looking back, you can see which courses had the highest rated speakers last year. Very cool. Thanks to Shaan Hurley for keeping us up to date. We've also got a peek at Autodesk Project Showroom from his site. Check out the sample project here. 'DWF-guy' Scott Sheppard now blogs over on 'It's Alive at the Labs!' For those who aren't familiar with the newish Autodesk Labs, it's a place for Autodesk's test projects to be played around with by... us! So, go take a peek at the newest geek-pleaser. Don't forget, there's also a discussion group for the labs, to chat over what you've seen. Oh, and a reminder to the St. Louis folks. Don't forget the upcoming CAD Camp on September 18th. We're also planning a user group meeting the evening beforehand, a joint session with GAUG and SLAMSUG (the local mechanical users group headed up by Mark Roberts, who previously served on the board of the Gateway AUG). Looks like the location will be the Orlando Gardens Banquet Center, not SLU as reported on the Autodesk website. Looks like the fee for the one day training is $149 for AUGI members and non-members $159 and students $89 (with valid student ID). You'll have five classes throughout the day, lunch is provided. I don't know about you, but, I need to get off my tushie and request some class fees the day off work (registration is NOT open yet, and classes are NOT posted yet, but, still, make your request now, so you are prepared).


Anonymous said...

The night before should be a great opportunity to meet many of the CAD Camp instructors "up close and personal" as well as network with many area CAD experts!

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Indeed. that's the plan.

Last year Matt Murphy and the gang were not even told that there was a User Group in the area, or we would have arranged one then. He encouraged me then to set up a meeting the night before for just this purpose.

I believe the setup will be a session for GAUG and a session for SLAMSUG, followed by a group session or group mingle with all.