Free and Updated Autodesk Products

Where to start? This has been a busy few weeks for Autodesk announcements and I know I haven't kept you up to date, so be prepared for this little deluge below:

Design Review - View, measure, markup and print 2D and 3D designs for FREE.

DWG True View - View and plot DWG's and DWF's... PLUS now you can convert between different releases from R14 through 2008! (this functionality was previously offered in a different free download called True Convert)

Units Converter - don't forget about this nifty online tool.

- Easy interface for scripting (apply a set of commands to many drawings).

AutoLisp Compatibility Analyzer
- searches for known compatibility issues in lisp files created for versions prior to r2004.

Approved Grapics Card List - See if your card is Certified, Supported and Recommended, Supported and Not Recommended or Not Supported. (if you're ordering a new pc, send your IT guy up here first when selecting a card, they'll find their favorite brands and be able to tell which models will work)

AutoCAD LT 2007 SP2 - I believe this is the service pack that helps LT07 work with Vista. Don't forget to read the notes. Still install even if you're not using Vista... there are a lot of other fixes in here as well that you won't want to miss.

AutoCAD 2007 SP2 and other updates - Check out the whole list here and make sure you've got everything you need. From Vista to Copy/Paste bug, to Activation Errors, OLE errors, Regenerating Text, Fatal Error During Save, Closing Drawings, etc...

FMDesktop - There are a few updates here, but, I wanted to point out some recent compatibility discussions:
Facility Link with AutoCAD 2008 - Installation problem, patch is not yet available.
FM Desktop with MS Access 2007 - Some bugs with saves in forms, does not affect the data; patch is not yet available (I'm sticking with Office 2003 for now, just to be on the safe side).
FMDesktop with Revit Systems 2 (Revit MEP) - Cannot import spaces or plan views from RSys (RMEP) into Facility Manager at this point. Product teams communicating and working on future compatibility.

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