Very Valuable Variable: TDINDWG

From AutoCAD Help:

Type: Real
Saved in: Drawing
Initial value: Varies

Stores the total editing time, which is the total elapsed time between saves of the current drawing.
The format is:

To compute the number of seconds, multiply the decimal fraction in TDINDWG by 86400 seconds.

I sort of stumbled upon this one when browsing through help and found it interesting. I called it up on a drawing I'm working on and it returned a result of
TDINDWG = 0.50413351 (read only)
and when I follow the direction to convert the decimal fraction of a day, I see that it is 43,557 seconds, 726 minutes or just over 12 hours. Interesting.

Don't forget the EDITTIME Express Tool for tracking the amount of active editing time. Unlike the variable mentioned above, you have to manually turn this on, and you can reset it and turn it off.

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