AU 2006: My Photo Diary

Well, I pared my library down from 758 photos to just 190. Whew. Hopefully I've touched on only the best. These photos go from our trip to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon to AU and related activities for Autodesk University and AUGI. I am making notes to talk about the AUGI Local Chapter Leaders Seminar, the Industry receptions, keynote, AUGI annual meeting and AUGI day celebrants. Lots of good stuff that I'm unable to cram all into a single post by the end of the evening. To those I met there, it was GREAT to see you, I wish we could have had more time together; to those I didn't, I'm sincerely sorry I missed you. (~waving to Robin~ thanks for the pen!) AU2006 Photo Album Let me see if I've got this YouTube thing figured out... I posted a video there from the AUGI Annual Meeting with the Country Chapter Leaders from around the world introducing themselves and saying 'Join AUGI' in their native language.


Anonymous said...

Definately a great time. Super to have finally met you and to experience all the sights n sounds of Las Vegas. I'll have to look through those Hoover Dam pictures, it's one place we didn't get a chance to see.

Looks like FM is coming into it's own at AU. I came away really excited about the future of several Autodesk products.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Vegas is a neat city, isn't it? So many different forms of architecture and design that most of us don't get to see day to day.

The Hoover Dam was awesome!!! Just big, and the equipment and spillways, an engineering mind-wobbler for sure.

YES! it is, isn't it? I came away pretty darned excited as well. It's a good time to work in the field of design. It was great to meet you face to face as well. Really nice to have met all of the people that I did, I'm really thrilled about that. :-)

Anonymous said...

I expected to find you around the AUGI stand but
Went out to Hoover Dam on the Friday pm, as you say awesome structure, and their was no escaping AU. In the queue for the lift ran into Architect/CAD Writer Ed Goldberg!

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

It was really packed around the augi stand, that's where I met most people last year, but, it was getting crowded and I meandered off with Craig Black to find Matt Dillon, then ran into my adesk discussion friends and never made my way back. You know how it is, good food, good friends, good liquor, time flies. ;)

Very awesome structure, the bridge they're building across the gap is quite breathtaking!

Hehe, I got to speak with Ed again briefly this year, he's too cool, glad to hear he made it out to the Dam as well, it's an experience not to be missed.

Anonymous said...

Since you went, I've gotta ask: We saw a guide that suggested the Hoover Dam your was five hours long. Is it really and is there enough cool stuff for us geek-types to gawk at?

Anonymous said...

Edit: I meant "tour".

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

;) I figured what you meant.

I don't know if there is a different tour than the one we took... ours was only around an hour. You sit in a theater for a few minutes and watch a film about the building of the dam (really cool), and then you stand in a line for a few minutes waiting for an elevator... then you go down to two different areas with some equipment in them... one in the middle of the dam, one on on the side... then you go back up...

I'd really say only about an hour. After that we did walk halfway across the dam on top, took pictures at the midway point of the states, and back... but, even with the gift shop stop, we were probably only there a total of two hours.
Oh, and there's security checkpoint to get into the place to buy your dam tour tickets, so watch what you carry in.

You know, the only thing I can think is that the guide also included travel time to and from Vegas.