My eyes are crossing

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I promise! I've just spent the past twelve days totally immersed in Salary Survey data! Well... except for those four days I was deathly ill... then I just slept and went on a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. ~sniffles~

I do still have a list of great tips that Mike Perry of AUGI and Brian Myers of Seiler Instrument gave at the last Gateway AUG meeting, as well as notes and pictures on the AWESOME CAD Camp that AUGI and Hagerman sponsored at the end of October, and I also wanted to mention the Advisory Panel meeting I participated in out at Vatterott Technical College last week. 

 BUT! alas, I have to have the results of the Salary Survey into the AUGIWorld staff before AU so they can be ready for publication, so you, faithful reader, will have to bear with me, please. Also there is the Thanksgiving Holiday, and my family always comes to my house (don't tell my Mom and Sister, but, they know it's because I'm the best cook! ;) ), so I need to go out and buy a bird and all the trimmings before too much more time passes. 

As for Autodesk University... more Facilities Management classes (practice-based, as well as some FMDesktop courses! woohoo! well rounded curriculum for sure)... the LUG Leadership seminar beforehand... Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam trip for some as well... 

 Did you know that the Gateway Autodesk User's Group of the St. Louis Metro Area will have at least FOURTEEN people in attendance? SLAMSUG (the local Autodesk Mechanical/Mfg user group) will also have at least one person (the president Mark Roberts) in attendance, probably more. 

It speaks well for our local industries that many people will be sent and come back with information to share with their companies. There were, I believe, about 150 people in attendance at the CAD Camp on October 24th at SLU (over half were members of GAUG), and I have heard rumor there will be another next year, and I'm sure the numbers will increase when the attendees return to their offices and tell what a fantastic experience it was. 

Well, it's late and I'm babbling... my spreadsheets await! Hope to see some of you at AU.


Sean Carter said...
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blads said...

the LUG Leadership seminar beforehand... the WHAT???

I thought you were going the the Local Chapters Leadership Conference beforehand :grin:

have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for all your help

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

If I was not quite so lazy, I'd go back and edit the post and pretend I didn't know what you were going on about... but, let's face it, I'm not gonna do that. ;)

I'll just admit that you're right and ask you if Karen has anything in particular she wants to get up to Monday morning while you boys are in your meeting. :-D

I'm getting SO excited! I can't wait to see you again and meet the Saint, this is going to be so cool!

Steve Bennett said...

Yeah! Mel is alive!!!