Women in Design

I was recently inspired by a post on Blogher.org about women mentors, then again by the report of a 16 year old girl with an interest in science who sought out a female mentor in a lab, and started researching better ways to treat cancer.

These two articles reminded me of all of the fantastic women in design that I have had the pleasure of meeting. The actual jobs vary... from Structural Engineer to Architect to Teacher to Project Manager to CAFM Consultant and Interior Designer. There are SO many amazing women in design and I would like to meet them and introduce them to you!

I would like to ask some questions of Women In Design, and post the results here on my blog. This is done with the hope of not only recognizing accomplishments, but, also providing an inspiration and a goal to young women still deciding on a career path.

These articles aren't going to be about females who have single-handedly changed the world, they will be about women who've got a passion for design technology, have pursued an education and are doing their part to build the world around us.

This is an introduction to my upcoming series of interviews, but, it is also a casting call. If you are, or if you know, an inspiring woman working in any design field, drop me an email and I'll send a list of questions.

Thank you!


Ruth Rogers - Architect

Beth Powell - Applications Specialist (with a varied design background)


Dana said...

that is really neat. i'll have to think of a few women that have inspired me... oh, i got one! (and probably a few more) send me the list and I'll get one to the PE that started me on my way to where i am now. dana dot probert at civil3d dot com.

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie;

While I'm in the opposite gender group, seeing your post this morning in the Classifieds DG brought back memories from more than 20 years ago.

I was just starting out to become a Civil Designer, and had opportunity to learn the value of hydraulics & hydrology from a lady engineer. We both worked for Project Design Consultants in San Diego, CA. She really knew her stuff!

Now I get to admit that I'm of the age where the "lapse in synapse" process has begun, so I don't recall the lady's name at this point. :-(

So this process you brought up in the Classifieds has roots that go way back, at least in my knowledge.

Don Reichle
"The only Constant is Change."

P.S. I thought my normal quote highly appropriate to this venue. ;-)

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Hi, thanks for chiming in. :-)

Yes, there is always some change and re-definition going on.

BUT! one constant is that we're always inspired, influenced and educated by those around us whom we respect and admire.