Federal Facilities Council Forum: A Cultural Revolution

Advisors to the nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine, that's the FFC. Their goal: to identify and advance technologies, processes, and management practices that improve the performance of federal facilities over their entire life-cycle, from planning to disposal.

These guys have got the gist... noticed the trends... saw the bandwagon coming over the horizon...
Building models are becoming more practical and useful. The coucil speculates that intelligent models will benefit information gathering, planning and maintenance, saving money across many different stages of facilities planning, construction and use.

They'll be staging a forum on October 31st: to showcase projects and initiatives that implement interoperable data solutions, improve decision making on capital and operations and maintenance programs, and enhance design and construction programs; to review the resultant contractual and programmatic changes to business processes; and to announce and review the initial U.S. National Building Information Model (BIM) standard.

So. Obviously I'd like to hear from anyone who might be attending this forum. Or, as always discuss anything related to BIM and FM whether you work in government facilities or any other kind.

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Hey way to go first blogging from the facilities community