rant on iHop healthy menu

Alright, this happened about two weeks ago, but, I'm going to use this public forum to rant because I was chatting about it with some friends of mine again today and they just didn't believe it.
Some restaurants have come up with healthier options for their menus, which I think is fantastic. I don't always like to cook, and I don't want to sacrifice my diet for the opportunity to eat out.

I like
applebee's weight-watcher's section. I like their quesadilla or their steak and shrimp skewers the best.

iHop came out with a new low carb or low cal menu (containing both adult and children's meals). I had the omlette and pancakes for breakfast with the promise spread and the sugar-free syrup. Fine.

Well, I saw they had Boca Burgers (a meatless patty), so I ordered it. It comes with a side salad and a pickle. The menu clearly says '600 calories as prepared'. Clear enough, if I make changes, the calories will change, duh. The dressing that comes with the salad is fat-free italian, which I don't like. I asked for ranch dressing (they don't have low cal ranch there), and a slice of swiss cheese on my veggie burger.

Well, the server puts in my order and tells me that the manager is allowing it this time, BUT! they can't make substitutions on these menu items, so next time I come in, I won't be allowed to get what I want.

I was baffled.
Well, because you might sue us if you don't lose weight.

Ok, first off... who says I want to lose weight? I don't eat a lot of meat anyway, I could be a vegetarian. But, whatever, let's not focus on the fact that this woman insinuated that I was fat.

Secondly, the menu clearly says 'as prepared'.

So, yeah, I'm sorry, but, I won't be going back there simply because of this. As someone who has worked in customer service, I am typically irritated when I hear 'I won't be going back there' but typically it's based one piece of bad service. This wasn't a bad waitress, it was a stupid management decision, and if I can't go into a local restaurant that I've been eating at for years and get ranch dressing and a slice of swiss cheese because I *might* sue them...
sorry... I'll go up to applebee's or buy some boca burgers from the grocery store.
I understand there are a lot of frivolous lawsuits, but, I would think the menu disclaimer would be enough to protect them so that I can order my food the way I want. darned shame.


Anonymous said...

The manager of my gym says do not go to a restaurant that brings your food in less than 30 minutes. By that he means, that they would not have the resources or price point to customize your order. Those types of restaurants pre-cook most of it. He's right about the restaurants around here. Fast food does not cater to specialized orders. We eat at home except for our weekly splurge meal.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. Why are you so sensitive? She did not insinuate at you are fat. They obviously have a rule at IHop that doesn't allow for substitutions on that menu. Why? Because idiot people will sue the restaurant, because they can't control the calorie intake. You are clearly not fat, or need to lose weight. How do I know that? Because you enjoy the fact that so many restaurants are implementing a "low-cal" menu. Fat people don't publicly announce that they enjoy that. The reality is that if IHop has a rule, then they need to inforce it every time. If they don't, then it's not a rule. It leads to the servers deciding when and for who they can make substitutions on the "low-cal" menu. Which then opens them up for lawsuits. Why don't you write a blog about the litigious nature of this country. That would be so much more interesting and poignant.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

I'm an idiot? if you don't think my post is interesting... don't waste your time reading it. It is my opinion that was a stupid rule that was suddenlly enforced, it is your opinion that I am overly-sensitive.
It's your opinion that I'm an idiot, and it's my opinion that people shouldn't name-call...
I believe it's obvious I wasn't trying for 'poignant', I'm not political, I don't care about ligation, this is a *rant* as I so clearly labelled it.
You want me to be a politician and I'm not. I refuse to be. This isn't deep, it was an opinion of mine based on one experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot? if you don't think my post is interesting... don't waste your time reading it.

so he's supposed to hold the post up to his forehead, carnac style, to find out if it's interesting?

he mighta been onto something there.

anerky said...

I agree with anon for the most part(not with their angry outbursts). There was nothing surprising or outrageous about the IHOP decision that you mentioned. I would say that having a 600+ calorie sandwich on a "healthy", "low calorie" or "low carb" menu is absolutely monumentally ridiculous.


IDOXLR8 said...

Melanie, I know this is a few years late but, I cook at an I-Hop and you can come into our store anytime you want and we will cook anything you want your way period.
Your rant was on the money, it is I-Hop policy to cook it the customers way.