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Well... since I've got two links to throw in here, I'll go ahead and talk about the augi board (~sticks tongue out at those who might read this ;p ). I had the pleasure of taking a trip to SanFransisco/SanRafael last weekend. I arrived as the AUGI board was finishing up their meetings. I'd met all but one of the members of the board at Autodesk University, and I have to say that they are really a bunch of great guys. I've been friends with Mike Perry and Glenn Pope since about the time I first joined AUGI and have gotten to know the others since then. They are all volunteers who spend a lot of time and effort to make AUGI the best that it can be. There are many other volunteers behind the scenes too, moderating the forums, updating web pages, writing for hotnews and being involved with CAD Camps and AU. There are a lot of things these guys do that probably don't get reckonized enough. ~stands and applauds~ I had the pleasure of joining the guys for dinner Friday night, which was equal parts industry-related discussions and sheer hilarity. Some of the BODies stayed an extra day or two and we went down to San Fransisco and did a little sight-seeing and took a ton of pictures (nerd alerts!), extra special thanks to Steve B, fellow AUGI moderator, who made the drive up to see us and taxi'd us around and showed us some great sights. Now, for the links... Lynn Allen (AUGI Sweetheart and staunch augi advocate) made a post about the meeting, and put up a picture of the Board with their Stubbies? I don't know what that is, but, Australian member, Bill Adams (aka KingBlads ;) ) brought them as gifts. BTW, Bill, my son LOVED the platypus you sent him! Also, check out BLAUGI for a shot of the BOD reenacting a famous Autodesk photo, as well as some hints about what AUGI members can expect (for free!) in the coming year. Check it out.

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blads said...

Hi Melanie,

be assured it was a joy to finally met you as well... I'm your son loved the platypus...they're rather cute critters anyways ;-)