Funny thing... Don McMillan

As you may or may not know, I'll be going on vacation for a couple of weeks, starting this Friday. So, I do my usual run of the newgroups before work and during lunch. This is how I normally come up with ideas of questions that people are asking, or repeating problems, etc, to post up here. Since I won't be posting much in the coming weeks, I wanted to find something like really good, really helpful in order to help you! ease a little autocad frustration...

But! I got nothin... ~shrug~ what are you going to do?

So, if I can't help expand your mind... I will help you relax with a little laughter... 

So, as of last year's AU, the following is my favorite comedian of all time (sorry, George, you're out)... Don McMillan, engineer turned stand-up comedian. You can download a little video clip of his routine as well as see a couple of his powerpoint slides up on the website. 


"Don: Plain & Tall" was awarded "Best Feature - Comedy" at the Back East Film Festival. The movie will be showing in other film festivals throughout the year. Don has also appeared in the feature length films: "Air Bud III—World Pup", "Life Without Dick", "Macon County Jail", "Party Crashers", and "Fanatics". Don has guest starred on the TV series Star Trek: Voyager", "Babylon 5", "City Guys", and "Step by Step". 
He has also been profiled in both "Entertainment Weekly" and "TV Guide".

So, go over to his site... check it out, order a CD. I think his two cd's are only 10 and 12 dollars apiece, so, WELL worth it. 

I've raided my internet explorer favorites, for some other humourous sites, and pasted some links below... enjoy.

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