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Was cruising the classifieds forums over at the Autodesk Discussion Groups today and saw a note for this website: http://www.cadground.com/

Evidently it is a way to hook up freelancers with projects. A customer posts a job, notifications are sent out to the registered drafters who look it over, see if they're interested, respond with a price quote, then the customer picks a contractor from those who respond to their ad.

Sounds very interesting, as I've been told one of the hardest parts of being your own boss is drumming up business.

I wonder how this works... looking around, there is evidently a feedback system where you can give feedback on the service, the customer or the drafter.

I'm wondering if there are fees associated with this, and I haven't come across that information yet. Would the drafter pay to have the opportunity to bid? Evidently you can post your project free of charge as the customer/client, so I would imagine the drafter has to pay for this.
Wait, wait, I found it... when you choose registration, you select whether you are a client or a drafter, then you see the terms... the fee is $99 per year, and they DO NOT ask for any percentage of your fees.

I think this is a very, very interesting setup. Very cool.

Has anyone used this service or another like it?

Looks like some users have tried it and were convinced networking yourself is the best way to drum up work. 

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