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Over my next few posts, I'll be sharing resources which I've compiled for the AUGI Facility Management industry community.

Most of the current (user-driven) communities are geared toward a specific product, with the exception of the Manufacturing and FM Communities, which embrace an entire speciality.

From the facilities landing page:

FM Community

Are you a Facility Owner, Operator, Lease Manager, Asset Manager, CMMS or CAFM Administrator?
If you're using Autodesk products to track or feed information with your post-occupancy role, then you are used to having your priorities misunderstood by the rest of the AEC Industry.
Please, feel free to ask questions about your software, processes or procedures in our Facilities-Management - In Practice forum. There is an introduction thread where you can state your facility type and the tools you use and see what others might be using as well.
This is a forum by users and for users. Advertising and solitication is against the forum policies. If you have any difficulties whatsoever with being exposed to sales tactics either use the 'report post' function in the forums or send me (Wanderer) a private message and I'll put on my moderator hat and delicately address the situation with the offending party.
To those who wish to advertise services or products to our members, please keep in mind that the only permissable way to do so it by contacting someone on the Sales team and placing an online or print ad. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any suggestions for our links and resources pages here (see left column), please don't hesitate to say so.

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