How to keep up with social media?

It's no secret that I have been an eager adopter of social media platforms and forums, from AOL chat rooms to MySpace to Twitter and G+ and more.

Because of this, I've often been asked (by those who want to leverage exposure or networking tools or learning opportunities) "how do you keep up with social media?"

The honest answer I always provide is... I don't
Do not worry about consuming all available data on a platform (or platforms). 
It's simply not possible, so, don't put that pressure on yourself, you'll be too overwhelmed to even get started.

To me, all these platforms provide essentially two things:
1. An access point to people
2. An access point to topical data

To get started, you do NOT have to commit to huge chunks of time. 
All of the time I spend on social media are stolen moments; standing in a long checkout line, waiting for water to boil, during commercials, while non-essentially participating in a conference call, etc.

If I have a profile somewhere (Twitter, AUGI, LinkedIn, et al), then people who spend time on those sites can see a resource that reminds them of me or see a question I could possibly answer, and easily locate me and loop me into the converstation 
I don't regularly give out my telephone number, never have, never will, BUT, anyone can get ahold of me if they want to because of my presence on so many popular sites.

Working in a tech field means things change rapidly. Exciting projects are started and finished every day. People change companies and industries. Laws pass or lawsuits affect how we buy or sell things.
Being a part of many networks is the only way you can be exposed to all of this change.

In tomorrow's post, I'll give you some simple tips to get started leveraging social media for professional benefit, and some examples of how my social presence has benefited me.

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