A different type of FM

I left my previous facility last fall and began my new job. Switching roles from an Engineering CAD Manager at a 100 year old medical facility to an Archibus System Administrator for the Facilities department at a financial services company has been a *slight* change.

I do not have to deal with the ineffectual process of design data exchange at the beginning and end of construction projects, BUT, I do have to deal with keeping important people up and running in their day to day roles.

I am not on call 24 hours a day anymore, but, my users do have project and report deadlines that my software enables them to meet.

My users include a specialist who organizes the moves of every employee, from office staff to executive financiers... and lease specialists who manage the details of over 500 branches... to the VP who ensures all growing departments have the space they need to function... a maintenance manager whose staff deals with the facilities issues that could stop work for entire divisions... and the security staff who keeps us both locked down and connected. 

Administrative staff enter work orders for the divisions around them, and, let's face it, they are the only ones who know everything that is going on around them.

I have had some great coworkers take the time to explain to me the company's (and industry's) processes and procedures. And I am dedicated to the ideal of making my software (CAFM/CMMS for space, lease and work order management) as transparent to my 140+ users as possible. 
They have many better things to do than figure out how to navigate and manipulate such a data-intensive environment.


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