Free Facilities Management FM class handouts

Did you know that Autodesk University and the Revit Technology Conference partner with AUGI to hold old course handouts and presentations?

Well, now you do. They're hosted in the forums, so, if you're searching for a topic, these tutorials and lectures can also show up in results. Covering AutoCAD, DWF, collaboration, information management, BIM, IPD, Revit etc.

I compiled a list of those classes that are applicable to the owner's side.


Obviously some of the software-based courses (like FMDesktop rip) are out of date, but, some of the concepts are still valuable, like this one:

FM104-1: Using Autodesk® FMDesktop for Space Management on a Shoestring Budget
Instructor: James E. (Jimmy) Niles
Class Description: This class will introduce the process and procedures to implement a space management system on a limited budget. We will explore the use of Autodesk FMDesktop to track departments, research grants, employees, room use, and more, for any size organization (whether it is 10,000 or 10 million square feet). We will also discuss how to make information readily available over the intranet or Internet by using third-party off-the-shelf products.

Class handouts will continue to be uploaded as they become available, so be sure to check back. I'll update that thread in the Facilities Management - In Practice forum as I see them, but, of course, I always encourage CAFM/CMMS folks to check out the CAD Management and Programming classes, too. When you're making changes on a large scale across your campus, you'll want to brush up on the automation available to speed that process up.

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