Dork Side Tips: Speel Chocker

Continuing to share bite-sized tips, broken out from my recent AutoCAD Tips and Tricks article (pdf archives, library entry).

We all need spell checking at times, let’s face it. Pull up the SPELL command by clicking Check Spelling on the Text panel of the Annotate tab. 

The default dictionary might be fine for most uses, but, you can also make your clients happy by clicking the Dictionaries… button and adding custom words. I’m serious here, take a couple of seconds to input a company (or building or occupant) name correctly in your dictionary (e.g. Shoenberg. I've got one drawing set where this building name is spelled four different ways. It's not that hard folks. #1 look at your starting blueprints. #2 look at the name carved on the outside of the building #3 be a responsible CAD Manager and run spell check on client-specific words because all of your designers or drafters tend to get creative.) so you can check consistency and ensure that your client does not get irritated by seeing your drawing set with numerous incorrect variations. 

While spelling has little to do with the quality and value of the design that gets built in the field, it does display professionalism and attention to detail and avoids offending anyone whose family legacy has paid for said building.

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