A list of BIM Standards

I wrote this post, Revit Standards - Getting Started Guides, back in 2009 when I incorporated Revit into my CAD Standards here at the hospital.

There is A LOT more information out there these days. I have been collecting things in a reference folder on my hard drive whenever I've come across them, but, I hadn't gone so far as to list them and share them with you.

Luckily, today I was looking for an answer to another question on the AUGI forums and ran across this post, BIM Standard and Example Sharing.

In that post, Marti shared this great table:

I have been continuing to collect this data myself since I still need to expand my Revit Standards (I don't control the process, but, I do need to control the documentation through the lifecycle, so it is not a BIM Standard for me so much as a long-term QC checklist of deliverables).
As only about 10% of my campus is currently modeled, I am still evaluating which things about existing models I can live with and which I'd like to change, that will be further affected by our current CMMS upgrade. We're currently undergoing a massive campus overhaul, tearing down buildings and putting new ones up, and they will all be turned over to us as models. I've been really impressed with our design team so far and am looking forward to making this big leap ahead which doesn't happen often in a Facility. We tend to move fairly slow, due to the massive scale of any initiative I choose to take on.

Enjoy the resources and feel free to share more, or your experiences and caveats.


Marti said...

Thanks Melanie for the link to the list! And great job on this blog!

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Thank you, Marti'!