CAD/Design/Architecture/Engineering Annual Salary Survey Running Now!

AUGI is currently running the 2009 Annual Salary Survey!


Which means that your peers need YOU to log in and report your views. We call this a survey because that's precisely what we're doing. We're collecting information from the members to compile and share back with the members. What a great idea!

But, unfortunately, only about 10% of our membership takes part each year, which limits the amount of meaningful data that I've got to work with. Remember, every little bit helps. Speak for your industry!

The survey results will be released in AUGIWorld Magazine this fall.

Of course, if you have any concerns about participating in this anonymous survey or have questions about any of it, be sure to check out the updated FAQ. And the 'F' in FAQ, REALLY means FREQUENTLY. Frequently Asked Questions

I did get feedback from our members last year and, as usual, I have made a couple small changes.
Many "Thanks" to those folks who truly appreciate all of the volunteer time spent on this and tell me about how our survey has benefited you. That's what AUGI is all about, users helping users, and I love to know when you've benefited.

Feel free to check out the results from the 2008 Survey which include: the Salary Survey article and charts from AUGIWorld Magazine, the FAQ document (which includes a listing of all questions asked on the survey, frequently asked questions), a Podcast (mp3 containing survey observations and tips on asking for a raise) and a spreadsheet containing various comparisons and rankings between each discipline/industry.

This survey isn't only about how much money people are earning, it's a pulse in our industry... we can watch trends such as more firms adopting BIM Managers, and more folks retiring and more folks taking pay and hour cuts. I'm very curious to see this year's results and I hope you'll all participate.

Oh, ~sigh~ and just to be one step ahead of the curve... if you frequent other CAD sites, you might have noticed last year that there were a couple of users (one in particular who posted under a couple of other names) who... theorized and then 'spread the word' a bit last year that AUGI or I are benefiting somehow by selling the information we're gathering... which is, of course, a completely fabricated theory. Nothing is done with this survey outside of the results posted on AUGI's website, the results are not tied to user names and I have no way of finding out who reported what and no way to monetize the information. We require a log in to prevent people from flooding the survey with results that might skew the numbers.

And, as always, AUGI is nothing without it's users, so I really hope that you could spare a couple of minutes of your time to chime in with your $0.02 and provide one more salary and industry resource for the community. Thank you for your time!


Steve G. said...

What you want me to put in $.02 now? I knew you were benefiting? Just kidding, thanks for your work on this its always helpful to read.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...


Thanks for your kind words and participation. ;)

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

4,325 responses so far... I'm sure we can do better than that. Mention it to your friends. :-)


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