Webcast: Facilities Management Meets BIM

Registration is open for an upcoming webcast: Facilities Management Meets Building Information Modeling (BIM)

It's being presented by Avatech and is described as, "
see how using Autodesk® FM Desktop™ and Autodesk® Revit® together will help you better manage your facilities in today’s BIM focused world. We’ll cover how to: Bridge the communication gaps between design, build, and operation management phases using DWF technology Fulfill GSA requirements regarding PBS CAD Standards Make informed decisions and stop “piece-mealing” disparate building data from multiple resources Capture design data and bring it into the facilities management environment Eliminate costs associated with the manual creation of polylines

There are options with 'polylining' these days. FMDesktop has some tools with Facility Link that make things easier and AutoCAD Architecture has Space Auto-Generation (spaces replace polylines in this case) which isn't 100% automatic, but, does save A LOT of time and effort.

Now, Revit is slightly different... when you're designing in Revit, the program pretty much knows where you intend room boundaries to be, which is what the above is referring to.

This (free) webcast will be February 20th from 10-11am (Eastern time zone), just register before the 19th of this month.

Anyway, as I might have mentioned, my corporate overlords are beginning to require BIM on our projects, so I certainly try to gather as much information as I can get my grubby little hands on.


Anonymous said...

Loved that "Corporate Overlord" term! hehe..

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

lol... yeah, I'm not really actually sure how to refer to them, so I just made up a phrase that sounded sufficiently irreverent.

I must point out that they're not really overlords, of course, since I'm the one who dictates the CAD Standards, etc. ~shrug~ But, they can push a large initiative like BIM adoption system-wide, whereas, I can't.

~shrug~ :-)