My Son Just Read His First Sentence!

I found this wonderful website with great games that Ty is loving. Most of it is filling in missing letters from words. Ty does great with sounding out letters! There are some more complicated games every few activities that involve instructions in a sentence. The kids can click on the words and they'll be read out loud or they can just read them themselves.

Well, the first one Ty, clicked through each word... (it was something like, Click on the snake), but, the second one!!! he just READ... no clicking... he just said:

'c-..can... you.. f..i..n...find... the... cahv-ee. cahvee, mommy what's a cahvee?'

I cover up the 'e' with my finger and say 'try another sound for the a'; and he says, 'oh, cave'... and then finds the cave.

But... he just read nearly the whole sentence!!! (and, YES, I took a screenshot! you'd better believe it!)

I was stunned... and proud, of course. ;) That's my boy.

What a guy! He'll be four next month (so far, too young to be embarrassed by my bragging his every little accomplishment to the world).


blads said...

he's got awfully grey hair for a four year old... oh you mean the cutie in the background

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

hey now, the cutie in the foreground does NOT have grey hair. ;-p

speaking of the cutie in the background again, this week at preschool was 'zoo week', for the kids to bring in toys and books about animals. Needless to say, Ty was the only kid to bring in a stuffed wombat and accompanying storybook. ;) he's the talk of the class, thanks again to you and the missus.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job, mom. You have every reason to be proud. Time to start saving for Harvard.

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

~taking a bow~ Thank you.
Erm, if he's smart enough to read, he's smart enough to figure out how to get through Harvard himself. Right? ;) I'll feed him in college though, I'm not totally heartless.

Anonymous said...

Mike needs a haircut :)