Select Similar Revisited

A quick update... I got an email from a user, Marc from Germany, who has modified the lisp routine I posted from a fellow discussion group user Adam W.

Check out what he's done to it and let me know what you think.
now it identifies the Simliar-Objects not only by Entity-Type and Layernames.
It's a little bit more like the Original SelectSimliar Routine ;-)
Download at:
or use code below.

Read all about it at:
(it's German, you have to translate it with Google f.e.)


Anonymous said...

It's great to find this script here! Thanks a lot! It will be even better if it can differentiate blocks of the same layer.

Unknown said...

I already try to use selectsimlar lsp, it work great
Can you add another option for "name" (block refferences) on that lsp will be a big help.