Autocad Book, Salary Survey, CAD Standards and Happy New Year

Well, I've been a little slim on tips and tricks here lately, but, I've been understandably busy.

I'm going to be offline for about a week, so expect silence here.

I did want to highlight a couple of things so you aren't totally without technical content...

Read any good books lately?
Ever notice the 'chapter' setup on the Autocad Community Forums?
Pick a topic and skim through to brush up on certain features such as:
Frequently Asked Questions, General, 3d, Fields, Plotting, Sheet Set Manager, General 2006, Dynamic Blocks, Tables and CUI Menus.

Salary Survey Results
Keep an eye out on next month's AUGIworld, then hop up to the AUGI site to get more detailed information.

Don't We All Love CAD Standards?
We recently added a CAD Standards forum to the AUGI site, and we've already had 61 topics added pertaining to CAD and drafting standards. Quite a few of those threads are started to gauge others' procedures. It's always nice to know what works for our peers to evaluate our own processes and understand one anothers' preferences.

The forums in general have also been recently reorganized, and in my opinion are set up a bit more intuitively. Many props to those guys who work behind the scenes and balance our requests and preferences with practicality and universal usibility.

I'm off to finish up a few things right now.

Made many fabulous memories with my 2 year old, as this was his first Christmas really getting into things. I experienced a Christmas miracle in that I picked all food that my mother would actually eat. ;) She and my sister are really picky, but, I always do the cooking anyway. A great time was had by all, my gingerbread how wasn't constructed according to specs, but, it did come out looking quite good anyway, much better than last year's. I'll try to post a pic, as I'm very proud. lol.

Happy (and SAFE) New Year's celebration to all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,

it's been great reading your Blog over the past year... hope you have a great Xmas & a happy, safe and prosperous New Year...

ps did ya get a permit to construct your gingerbread house :wink:

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

thanks brother blads.
Had a great Christmas and a very happy new year so far. ;)

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. :)

LOL... shhhh!!! no, I didn't, and I'm not getting a permit for the impending demolition of said house either.

I was cracking up though, I'd made a path and driveway out of coffee grounds, and Mike and I were in the kitchen when Ty (my two year old) comes in looking guilty and grossed out. He couldn't resist and scooped up the coffee grounds and shoved them in his mouth. LOL...