txt2mtxt, txtexp and preparing for winter

Working on cleaning up some floor plans. Most areas have room names and room numbers, but, different areas have different-sized text.
I use a qselect to pick all of the text, then, modify the height in the properties dialog... the only problem is, that now the text is overlapping since each piece of text only had so much space between them.
Hmm, what to do?
Ah! txt2mtxt!!! I just select my two or three pieces of text, and viola'! I now I have an mtext object containing two lines of characters with a respectable space between them.

This is an express tool. From the express help file:
TXT2MTXT will work on any text objects created with the TEXT or DTEXT commands. If the original set of text objects was created with DTEXT or with successive text commands, enabling the Sort top-down option and disabling the Create word-wrap MText options will produce the most visually similar results.
The selected text objects will be removed from the drawing and a new MText object will be inserted.
This command attempts to honor text size, font and color changes between text objects.

:SHOCK:! Wow... while looking txt2mtxt up in the help file, I see a command that I'd never noticed before!
TXTEXP: Explodes Text or MText into geometry that can be assigned a thickness or an elevation.

Hmm, I can think of a few occasions when I'd have benefited from having that. cool.

Don't forget to prepare for winter! Get some good shoes and coats before all the nice styles are taken. Sew/pin/tie little mittens to the insides of winter coat cuffs. Buy some sand/salt for your steps, and an extra bag for your car. Make sure your extra blankets are out of the closet and washed, put one in your vehicle for emergencies. Dust off your space heaters and check to make sure they're functioning properly. Check the batteries in your Carbon Monoxide Dectector, and, if you don't have one, get one! You haven't fired up that furnace since early spring, so be alert!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


R.K. McSwain said...

For those without benefit of ET, you can also "explode" text by exporting the text objects using WMFOUT and import them back in using WMFIN. Use the upper left corner of the viewport as the insertion point, and scale X2.

GWhitehill said...

Using the express tools Explode Text on text using True Type fonts does explode the text to a series of closed polylines.

One of the best uses of this is to extrude the closed polylines into solids to be used for 3D signage. These can be used for raised letters or even subtracted from another solid to create an inscribed sign

Anonymous said...

For winterizing (especially for us Canuckheads), you may want to consider poking your head up into the attic to see if you require more insulation. Also, take a look at see if you enough/any true-vents installed between the roof rafters down by the soffit. If you don't have any true-vents, chances are you have some black mold growing on the underside of your roof sheathing. Ask a professional to come in and assess your situation (especially in older homes) the cost to upgrade is much cheaper in the long run in comparison to wasting more energy to keep your house warm during the winter

BethPowell said...

Salt can be hazardous for your pets or plants. Sand is a good idea. Cat litter works too and is cheap. You can get a no-name brand at Wally World for under $3 for 25lbs.

In the days before front wheel drive, my family used to keep bags of chicken grit or cat litter in the trunk of the car. The extra weight helped traction and when needed you had something to sprinkle under your tires.