CAD News and a couple handy tips!

I never did get a chance to post while I was on vacation. Yep, you guessed it. Too busy relaxing. Ah.

I'll be taking another week off at the end of the month... in order to recover from coming back to work after having taken that two weeks off.

Now, on to the CAD stuff...

One of the things we are working on is more than one Top 10 list per year! We are hoping that up to three times per year you will be able to vote on your favorite wish list items! These will be presented to Autodesk throughout the year so they can work these into the design process. We are also looking at streamlining the way you submit your wishes. Just fill out a quick form and that's it. There will also be a thread created to discuss the wish if necessary. With a little bit of luck, you will see these changes very soon. – brenda richardson, autocad community wishlist manager

CADzation is giving away a trip to AU! that includes all registration fees, hotel, and domestic airfare. In addition to this, Grand Prize, CADzation is giving away 50 first place and 250 second place prizes.
The last day to enter is September 30, 2005 and the winners will be selected on October 10, 2005

I’ve seen this little gem mentioned in a couple places places recently, most recently in cadzette.
To run, simply double click on CADManagerControl.exe. If you have more than one Autodesk software on your system, you will be asked which seat of software you want to modify.

Lee Ambrosius, CAD programming guru (and all around nice guy), has links on this page to articles or code that he’s written for a publication.
(don’t forget, you can have lee for your very own, check out his available services

Here’s a link to Tracy Lincoln’s blog for tips on copying and pasting accurately.


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