50000 Visits to the Dork Side! My blog reaches a milestone!

Wow. I just noticed my counter ticked past 50,000 hits today. Wow. I know, that doesn't sound like a whole lot when you compare me to most autodesk and cad management-geared blogs, but, heck, I think it's still pretty impressive for someone in a niche field like Facilities Management.

I started this blog as a communication tool for my Local User's Group (affiliated with AUGI), at the suggestion of then-president Brian Myers. It is much easier to keep up with than the monthly newsletter I used to make.

I started blogging in April of 2005, but, didn't add a counter until July of that year; so, 50,000 hits since then.

So, I make announcements for the gateway aug and augi, talk about the salary survey, facilities management and give tips and tricks on programs I use (from autocad, map, adt (aca), fmdesktop and microsoft office products)... and I like funny stuff, too.

Some of the searches I've noticed that are popular are 'Select Similar' 'AEC objects' 'Print plt files' 'cafm programs' 'bim standard' 'bim cafm' and 'mistress training'
~helpless shrug~ well, what can you do? It's an occupational hazard of being the Mistress of the Dorkness. ;)

My hit counter says that about 20% of my hits are repeat visitors, but, as that is based on ip-address, it's hard to say how accurate that is with the prevalence of wireless access points.

Thank you, faithful reader, for coming back time and again, I hope I manage to offer some good tips and timely news about the CAD/Design Industry.
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