News about Autodesk 2008 Products

Through the Interface - Kean Walmsley talks about 64bit application migration

WorldCAD Access - Ralph Grabowski talks about All the Details of Autocad 2008

Lynn Allen's blog - Lynn Allen talks about Layer Properties and Layer States in AutoCAD 2008

Revit Rocks - Daryl talks about Revit Building 10 being renamed Revit Architecture 2008, he also Learns AutoCAD

Revit JobCaptain - Daniel Hughes announces the 2008 family of products

CAD Panacea - RK McSwain reveals his top four AutoCAD 2008 feature picks

AutoCAD Insider - Heidi Hewett highlights some goodies in 2008 and talks more in-depth about Annotation Scaling, including animations demonstrating

Knowing What You Don't Know - Mike Massey says goodbye to ADT... and hello to AutoCAD Architecture, find more features details here.

c3D Paving the Way - Scott McEachron reveals compelling features in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Civil3D.com - Jason Hickey reveals New Point Functionality and new line and curve routines in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

CAD Shack - Todd Shackelford tries out the new name of the game with Revit and AutoCAD MEP

CAD Insider - Roopinder Tara announces the new naming scheme for the 2008 product line

3D CAD - Caetano Prodi notes the naming format change from Inventor 12 to Inventor 2008 and highlights new features

CADD Manager - Mark Kiker talks about new AutoCAD 2008 command DGNATTACH and DGNCLIP

ObjectARX and Dummies - Fernando Malard announces AutoCAD 208

Beyond the Paper - Scott Sheppard talks about Vault 2008, great enhancements to Design Review 2008, DWF capabilities in AutoCAD 2008 and points out the AutoCAD 2008 preview site

Beth's CAD Blog - Beth Powell blogs about Multi-leaders and other new features in AutoCAD 2008

Ellen Finkelstein.com AutoCAD - Ellen Finkelstein shows A LOT of great information about AutoCAD 2008

Mistress of the Dorkness - Melanie Perry talks about the highlights of AutoCAD 2008 and gives a basic rundown of the new naming scheme for the 2008 products

Edit: Adding more as they come in...

RobiNZ CAD Blog - Robin Capper chats about the details of the 2008 product names changes

Keith Rice's Blog - Keith Rice reveals which 2008 products he's looking forward to using

The Civil Chick
- Sarah Cunningham talks AutoCAD Civil3D

In the Dynamic Interface
- Mark Douglas gives a run-down on the top three enhancements that will have an impact on his work

Between the Lines - Shaan Hurley speaks about AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2008's (and 2007's) compatibility with Windows Vista and 32/64 bit versions

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