My First Post!

Alright, this is my first foray into the wonderful world of blogging!
I do hope you like the name of my blog. I gave up on coming up with anything terribly clever, and decided to go with something quirky instead.

Shortly after I began my current position in 2000, some mechanics noticed the new nameplate on my office door and stuck their heads in to introduce themselves. 
They inquired as to whether I was the new 'CAD Master'. 
I said, 'I suppose it would be the new CAD Mistress, wouldn't it?'
And they snickered and asked if I was the "CAD Mistress of the Darkness"?
At which point I laughed and said 'more like Mistress of the Dorkness', and of course, like any other inane comment, it stuck. ~shrug~ so, here I am.

This weblog is primarily intended to be a platform for me to talk about CAD and all things somehow related (software, hardware, emerging technologies, management, education, etc, etc, etc,), which is alright, since, I can produce enough convoluted logic to chain the topic of CAD to just about anything! Haha! I'll also be posting news about St. Louis, the Gateway Autodesk User's Group (GAUG) and the Autodesk User's Group International (AUGI).

I am an Autodesk product user, so most of my topics will center around them. But, if I hear interesting things about other platforms, I will certainly share them here. Education is a powerful tool! 

I currently use Vanilla Autocad 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006, Map 3D 2005 (until my next box comes in!), and Revit 5.1 (not in production, just trying to teach myself so that when Revit comes out with a Parametrically enabled Struct/Arch/MEP family of products, I can use them easily, I am an optimist!)

I work in Facilities-Management, which is one of those sort of obscure fields... so, be prepared to see plenty of things about the challenges that I face, which are unique to my position. I am always hoping to connect with more FM people and exchange information.

Please, bear with me as I learn to fully explore/exploit this medium...
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