Overview of Install: Revit Systems Series (with ABS) 2007

Installing MAP 3D on my computer always tend to be a bit of a noteworthy event (one I have not yet taken on this release cycle, maybe next year, but, too many harried users in the discussion groups)...

So, I started to take notes during the install of Revit Systems Series... assuming it would be a noteable event. ;)

I open up my DVD case (yes, I have a DVD drive... although there is a card in the case which points you to a media request site to ask for CD's if you can't do the DVD thing.

There is one DVD for RSys and one for ABS. I'm pondering whether one should be installed before the other? ~shrug~ I choose to install RSys first.

While I have installed Revit products before, those who haven't will notice that you don't get exactly the same little install and information dialog as you will with AutoCAD-based verticals.

I take a little wry note of amusement in that the RSys 'Getting Started' booklet did not include a section on installation, where the ABS 'Getting Started' booklet did.

I started my install, and about five minutes later, I was finished.

On to ABS... ah, there's that familiar screen... take a second to find the 'install button'... I choose not to go the 'Typical Install' route and choose 'Custom' instead...

For the curious, I manually included the following options which were NOT selected by default:
Viz Render
Express Tools
Visual Lisp Samples
Viz Render Tutorials
Visual Lisp Tutorials

When nearing the end of the install options you'll see the 'Create Shortcuts' section.
The first option is checked by default, I chose to include the second option:
Create Building Systems and Viz Render shortcuts on desktop
Create AutoCAD 2007 (plain) shortcut on desktop

you can make those shortcuts yourself with profile switches yourself, of course... for the curious, here is what the path to the vanilla Acad setup is...
"C:\Program Files\Autodesk Building Systems 2007\acad.exe" /p "AutoCAD"

It might be worth mentioning that the install of ABS took 33 minutes.

Don't forget, if you need a manual in your hand instead of all electronic documentation, go to the request site with your serial number and part number and order the accompanying documentation at no charge.

So, here I am, set up and ready to go... I've got my shortcuts to the discussion groups and augi forums at the ready.


blads said...

Woo Hoo... :Puffy: you're finally a Reviteer


Mistress of the Dorkness said...

LMAO... I've been a closet Reviteer for awhile, Brother Blads. What I have never been, though, is an architect or structural engineer. ;)

Ahhhh, I still remember that night, Revit's first AU (2003?), I went to the mixer (because they had an open bar)... and it was love at first byte... it melded with my vision of the future. :)

Unknown said...


You'll find that Revit Systems has most of the same options as Revit Building, just in different places and sometimes under different titles. The two biggest differences are the lack of any serious structural tools from Revit Building as well as a very, very limited site set. Of course, with Revit Building these never were strength areas, Revit Structure has a much more robust set of structural elements and none of the Revit products have a particularly good set of site tools so in the end, you get a lot more with Systems than you lose.

Have a good time with your new software toy! :-)

Mistress of the Dorkness said...

Thanks for the tips. I am a little bit familiar about what it includes from my research, reading every thread on the Revit Systems forums on the Autodeks Discussion Groups (and augi.com, but, this particular topic received more feedback on the adesk site). There were some *very* good threads about the things included and not included.

I will, I think I might start out with ABS first though, I'm not really sure. :-/ (if only because there are already more users out there intimately familiar with it)