You might have noticed...

You might have noticed that the name on my profile changed!

Well, that is because I was lucky enough to get married last weekend. I'd like to take us on a little trip back in time...

When we met in person for the first time: AU 2004... look on the lower right-hand corner at the CWC group... Mike and I are the ones goofing off.

What led to our meeting: AU 2001... I went to the AUGI annual meeting and joined up in the exhibit hall right afterwards. When I got back home, I joined the guilds.

When we got engaged: Spring 2005... Lynn broke the news after taking the AUGI board out to dinner and hearing what was up.

Word Spread: wildfire couldn't go faster...

Public Confirmation: Well... a public statement was made to address the rumours flying about on various CADdie websites and email lists, to confirm the engagement, but, to clarify that we were *not* getting hitched at AU. Lynn was kind enough to post a follow up... I'm still curious as to who actually had pictures of us ~nervous~.

The past year has been rather busy for us, and we had to spend our first Valentine's day apart.


Sunday July the 2nd: I joined Mike in California... and we were married in the presence of God and a handful of our augi friends in a gorgeous park by the water.

So, pictures are posted and more pictures are posted, friends have congratulated, and two lives are joined into one.

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