Well, I'm back from London

Alright... I'm back ~dusts off desk... (except the telephone... those messages can wait a couple more minutes)~

I know, last summer when I went, and the weather was 75%%d and sunny, and my BH assured me it was always like that... wasn't going to last. Our first day there, we took my little one with some friends to some castle grounds for Easter festivities... it rained... his shoes were sooo muddy. You could tell I was the ignorant tourist, as all of the other children were readily equipped with little rubber boots. We went round to the shops soon after and found him some of his own (Thomas the Train, no less).

Suprisingly enough ~proud Mommy moment~ my 2 (he turned three while we were over there) year old was perfectly behaved on the 8 1/2 hour flight from Chicago to London. I was stunned.
Don't get me wrong, he's a good kid, better than most, but, let's face it He's A Toddler!!!

We hung out with many family and friends, and played with kids and fed ducks and saw 2 castles, went to the Natural History and Science Museums, and ate fantastic food (from homemade pizza to Indian, to waaay too many chocolate easter eggs). It was a great holiday for all of us, and I'm so happy we went.

I don't think I have a tip about autocad today. I'm still sort of beat and a little jet-lagged. I woke up 2 hours early today... not terrible, but, not fun either. ;)

Oh, I will do a little rant about something I saw *AGAIN* today in the cafeteria...
So, to the woman I saw today, and the many I've seen in the past, and the many I haven't seen:
You know salad is paid for by weight, so don't stand by the salad bar, digging into your plate for goodness sake... you're *STEALING* so knock it off! If you think it's too expensive, bring your own!

Alright, sorry, just had to get that out. ;)

Happy CADding, and don't forget to donate blood...
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