Revit Systems in Facilities Management (FM)/Who's Teaching BIM?

I've been speculating on the feasibility of something like this for quite a while.

I'd love to have all of the systems in my facility documented in a program like this... tired of all of the CAFM programs being about managing the assets... we need to be able to manage the facility as well.

*Could* one of these programs be used in this manner? Yes? No? Not yet?

I'd love to hear thoughts on this from people. I'm curious if any contractors/designers/engineers are using a program like ABS or Revit Systems (or planning to), and whether you have any clients who are aware and interested in using your construction documentation in order to maintain their infrastructure?

I'm reposting some comments from this thread on the Autodesk discussions groups, as a response to my question as to how soon schools will be able to produce designers and engineers that are familiar with this type of software.

The following colleges & high schools are either teaching Revit Building in a design studio, BIM course or are making it available to their students.
· Top 5 US Architectural Colleges/Universities (Design Intelligence 2005)
1. Yale University
2. Penn State
3. Texas A&M
4. Iowa State
5. Rice University (Spring 2006)
· 73 Universities/Colleges in North America
· 163 High Schools in North America

As BIM adoption grows in the building industry, so does the use of BIM in educational curricula. BIM is being leveraged within several universities around the world and students who have hands-on access and training to this way of working are not only accelerating their design thinking and studio work, but laying the foundation for dramatically advancing their future in the industry.
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