EXPERT in Autocad

nope... I'm not talking about a person... I'm talking about a system variable!

the below is from AutoCAD help files:

Initial value: 0

EXPERT - Controls whether certain prompts are issued.
0 Issues all prompts normally.

1 Suppresses “About to regen, proceed?” and “Really want to turn the current layer off?”

2 Suppresses the preceding prompts and “Block already defined. Redefine it?” (BLOCK) and “A drawing with this name already exists. Overwrite it?” (SAVE or WBLOCK).

3 Suppresses the preceding prompts and those issued by the LINETYPE command if you try to load a linetype that’s already loaded or create a new linetype in a file that already defines that linetype.

4 Suppresses the preceding prompts and those issued by UCS Save and VPORTS Save if the name you supply already exists.

5 Suppresses the prompt, “That name is already in Use, redefine it?” issued by the -DIMSTYLE Save option when you supply the name of an existing dimension style.

When a prompt is suppressed by EXPERT, the operation in question is performed as though you entered y at the prompt. Setting EXPERT can affect scripts, menu macros, AutoLISP, and the command functions.

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