neat commands and upgrading...

BURST is used to Explode blocks with attributes. But, unlike explode, it will convert attribute values to their text equivalent (rather than to the attribute's prompt). Also, this command does not explode plines into lines or mtext to text.

In the right-click menu in MAP 3D 2006, when you have an object selected you can choose to 'select similar' objects to save you a lot of time picking by hand. This isn't ideal for every situation but has saved me loads of time. 

Autodesk looking for 2002 to 2006 stories

I haven't been on since I got back from my trip, just have to say that I had a lovely time and it couldn't have gone any better. London and Dublin and the surrounding areas are really neat places. Enjoyed the people, the architecture, the food and, believe it or not, the weather. It was perfect the entire time I was there.
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