Cars, TARGET, Extract Pline Area & Access 97

What a day... my car wouldn’t start this morning, so I was looking for a service station…

I found a nice little Q&A about car maintenance here – http://www.bigbendautocenter.com/tips.htm

Also, I was poking around looking at stuff about alternators and found out that weird noise my truck makes in the morning is totally normal for a Blazer, according to dozens of other owners… http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/ForumsLanding

Sanity Savers

About AutoCAD, I saw two questions about TARGET today, one on the Autodesk Groups, one on AUGI… interesting. Just further proof that if you've got a problem, someone else does too... that makes me feel less self-conscious about my long toes.

I also saw a really super-handy tip on the Autodesk Groups about putting the area information from a pline into a field:
Right-click in a cell, choose "Insert field" , select 'object' from the 'field' names, click the button next the "Object type", select the pline, click "Area" under Property, then OK.

MS Access 97
Display a startup form when a database or application opens
1 On the Tools menu, click Startup.
2 In the Display Form box, click a form from the current database.
3 If you don't want users to see or use the Database window, which appears behind the form, clear the Display Database Window check box.
Even if you clear the Display Database Window check box, the Database window may still be accessible.
Changes to these settings in the Startup dialog box won't take effect until the next time the database or application is opened.
If all you are seeing is the switchboard and forms, and you want to access tables or queries, etc… just hit F11.

Reminder, the Gateway AUG will be having a big meeting on the 12th. Two of our three presenters are from Autodesk, and there will be refreshments provided. Doors open in the cafeteria at hagerman at 5:30, meeting starts around 6.
The Cafe is on the lower level of Three City Place, just off the entrance. Three City Place is the middle building with the fountains in front.
Hope to see you there!

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