Creating a Tool Palette Group

I have spent some time customizing Dashboard Panels with AutoCAD 2008 in the past ~mumble~ months or so, which includes the linking of individuals panels to Tool Palette Groups (see fourth screenshot, toward bottom of article). NOW, this results in an observant user calling me out to clarify... just what IS a tool palette Group anyway?

Well. Okay. I'm not sure how to succinctly describe it, aside from saying that It is a way to group relate
d tool palettes together for easier access and navigation amongst palettes. :-/

To create a Tool Palette Group, right-click on the TP title bar. Here you can see the ‘out of the box’ tool palette groups, and access the ‘Customize Palettes…’ area.

From there, all you have to do is name your group and drag the appropriate palettes into it.

TPNAVIGATE is a command which will bring up a specified tool palette or tool palette group (and if the tool palettes are closed, this will bring them up and navigate to the appropriate one).

I don't believe there is a concise definition here, but, if you'd like to explore the uses and methods of tool palette groups, check out the AutoCAD help file for more details on various topics.

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