Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Well, I've been tagged by DWF-guy, Scott Sheppard.

So, I find myself surprised to learn he has been burned in effigy and is Carl Bass's twin (a few years and parents removed).

It is hard to come up with things that you, faithful reader, haven't seen on these pages... where I've lived, how I met my husband, that my first chosen career was actually accounting (with a minor in english), that I keep an extensive spreadsheet of CAD blogs that I come across, that my favorite books are the LOTR trilogy and that my favorite author is Dean Koontz.

So... what UNKNOWN thing to say about myself?

1. I am painfully shy.
No, really I am. Many who have met me probably won't believe that, because I can be quite outspoken.
Either I am babbling because I am nervous and you've stupidly left a lull in conversation, or I am clarifying something. I'm very practical and share knowledge.

2. The first time I saw my name in print I was 17.
You've probably figured out by now that I've always wanted to be a writer. When I was 17, the newspaper I occasionally worked for (as an accounting temp) published an opinion piece about the 'threat' of teenagers hanging out in pool halls. I was incensed, because no crimes had been committed, the author was just showing their bias without even offering a solution to the 'problem'.
So, I wrote a (for a shy 17 yr old) scathing commentary about how they shouldn't judge, and if they DO fear, they should provide alternative locations and activities for all of these 'shiftless' teens.
It was published without a single edit in the opinions column and ran the whole length of the page. :-) My family was surprised... and proud.

3. My Great-Great-Uncle invented Popeye.
There ya go. (is that great-great? mom's mom's mom's brother? anyway, close enough)

4. I love boats.
Big waves, little waves, paddling, engines, sails. I LOVE boats.
When I lived in Washington, we would do at least one weekend a year in BC. We'd stay in Port Angeles, WA, and take a ferry across the sound to Canada. One day the water was really choppy and it was rainy and everyone else was inside but me. I was loving riding the waves... and then I SAW ORCAS!!! No one else wanted to come out in the rain to watch them play, so, I stood out there and enjoyed them all by myself.

5. I haven't always loved Dark Chocolate and Coffee.
No, REALLY! I developed a taste for Dark Chocolate when I was pregnant with my son and haven't gone back to milk chocolate.
And, I didn't like coffee at all, but, back in college... you know... no sleep and no money. The addiction was slowly acquired.

So... I'm too shy to directly tag someone... ~going back in my cave~

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