What Version of AutoCAD Did You Start On?

Yep, I'm still alive, just trying to get some work done (yes, I've actually found a side gig THAT PAYS, see? I'm not a *total* sucker).

On another note, remember, the AUGI Annual Salary Survey is coming out in the New Year. I have seen the prelim spread, and that graphics guy at AUGIWorld sure can work some magic from the pathetic sketches I gave him! It looks cool. So, wait by your mailbox in a few weeks and let me know what you think about the new layout and info provided.

ANYWAY... I was just catching up with a couple of blogs before I log off and hit the hay, and I saw a poll on Scott Durkee's Blog, so, cast your vote on
Which AutoCAD Version You Started With.

Personally, I started on release 10 back in high school... then used 12, 13, 2000, 2002,04,05,06 and recently began using 07.

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