For Sid

Today I received some heartbreaking news from a co-worker of a very dear friend of mine, Sid Fontenot. It seems he suddenly passed last night.

The shock and disbelief is wearing off little by little, and we friends come together to remember Sid.

I met Sid through AUGI, where we formed a very tight-knit group that has met together IRL on a few happy occasions.

For those who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Sid, I can't explain to you how much we all respected, admired and loved him. He adored his wife and young daughter, and couldn't say enough good things about them. He loved life and embraced it with gusto. Whether it was working long hours to restore power, or playing golf and sucking on crawfish heads (which led our nic-name for him of Crawdaddy Slim). Watching proudly at his nephew's baseball games or showing off pictures of his daughter practicing martial arts.

He has shared not only jokes to lighten my day, but, also heartfelt advice and steadfast support during my most troubled times.

As much as I try, the words I'm writing will never do this man justice and for that, I apologize.

And, as much pain as I am feeling over the loss, I realize that his family feels it even more poignantly. Please pray for their comfort as they make their way bravely through this dark and lonely time, and that they will soon only have smiles when they think of him.

Goodbye Sid. We love and miss you.

~pony - one of your ILK

(a photo of us with our friends at training at AU2005 in Orlando)
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