dsviewer and everything Google does

It's been a while since I'd needed to use the command, but, the other day a part-time user in the office was aggravated about being able to tell where on our campus he was, because he needed to be zoomed in really close to see the level of detail he needed... (his monitor is much smaller than mine, and he doesn't have a scroll-wheel mouse). I knew there was a command which gave you an aerial view of your drawing, but, I'll admit that I had to ask some friends from the adesk discussion groups what the actual command name was: Dsviewer
Which of course, goes to show what a command line junkie I am that it didn't occur to me to look under the View menu for 'Aerial View' until the following day ~bangs head against wall~

Do you know everything that Google does?
Search the text of books, research papers, for videos, search blogs, newsgroups and images, keep a wishlist with froogle or find maps and news... this would be a good page to bookmark.

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