From the AUGI Booth

Hello from the AUGI booth!!! And the playpen... you can test-drive all autodesk software here.
The AUGI daug was hilarious... I've got a minute-long video of him scaring Yoshi, the AUGI president.

Oh, the exhibit hall is closing in 10 minutes, the beer bash is almost over, sending the AUGI daug off to fetch one more round.

We handed over the wishlists today for Autocad and Inventor.

Saturday was great fun, met up with some friends from AUGI and an email list I belong to. Finally met Shaan Hurley in person, hopefully a DECENT picture of me will make it to his blog. ;) My fault Shaan, not yours, I know.

I was in all FM classes today. They were really great! The instructors were all people who work in the field or develop software for it. Winning approval from Executives for Automation was marginally my favorite. The FM track here is so impressive compared to past years. I appreciate the effort Autodesk has made with regards to our field.

I hope to post more this week, but, it does stay pretty busy, especially since I am the 'intended' of someone as well known as my fiance', AUGI board member, Mike Perry. ;) There's something to embarass him as much as the 'property of mike perry' button I'm wearing right now.

It's been fabulous meeting all of the augsters, adeskers, ilkers, swampers and... ~wink, wink~ the other super, secret, autocad society. It's fabulous to finally meet up with all of you, at this, my fifth AU... I've been thrust from dark corners to the center of the AUGI booth, and I'm actually enjoying it, thanks to all of you guys.

Oh, I'm being shooed off right now... later.

~mistress of the dorkness ;)
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