FM Classes at AU in Orlando this winter!


Alright, as promised, Autodesk is providing some more in-depth classes for the FM caddie this year at Autodesk University.
  • Developing Facilities Plans with Revit
  • Chargeback Reports: From CAD Dwgs to Database Reports
  • Enterprise Integration with FM Processes
  • Tips and Tricks for FM
  • DWF and Effective Facility Information Mgmt
  • How to Win Executive Support for Facility Automation
  • Reduce the Overall Costs of Managing Your Assets
  • How to Publish Building Information to the Web Using MapGuide
  • The Facility Manager's Dream
  • Model for Managing FM
  • Build a Graphical Facility Phone Directory
  • dbConnect for FM
  • Intro to dbConnect for FM

These are all of the FM specific courses, way better stuff than in the past, and last year there was an industry meeting just for FM for the first time, hopefully it will be bigger and better this year. Check out the rest of the class offerings in the link below. 

I have attended Autodesk Univesity for the past four years, and even when there hasn't been FM content of interest to me, there is enough general design, cad management, and standards management information to keep me busy.http://www.autodeskevents.com/au2005/index.cfm?action=session.list&trackID=0

Hope to see you there!

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